At Wild Earth we really are committed to what we do. We re-invest 5% of our profits into sustainable initiatives and our inbox is always open to hearing about projects you think we should support. After all, giving back to our communities and our environment is at the very heart of what we do. 

Scroll down to read about the initiatives we currently support, or to nominate an initiative to receive future support from Wild Earth.

Wild Earth Giving Back 5% of Profits

Our Current Sustainable Initiatives

One of the first initiatives we are supporting benefits the farming communities who grow our Organic Turmeric. The Turmeric we use in our products is grown in India, harvested and dried using traditional methods. At Wild Earth, we help support solar electricity for the farms, provide water to the villages and education for the farmers children. 

Check back to hear more about how we support sustainable initiatives throughout the year.

Nominate an Initiative

Fill in the form below to nominate an initiative to receive support from Wild Earth. Whatever you are passionate about, whether it's a local charity or a national campaign, we want to hear about it. Tell us about the projects you love that look after people and planet! Our team will review your submissions and may get in contact if your nomination is selected.